Believe in yourself…Believe in your passion…let your passion guide you!

Author Randolph Randy Camp

Author Randolph Randy Camp


If you have a passion for anything you must go for it. If that passion is writing don’t let anyone or anything discourage you. Rejection letters go straight to the trash or turn it over and use the backside as scrap paper and continue writing! The rough draft (handwritten) for my second novel was partially written on the flipside of rejection letters I’d received from my first novel’s manuscript.

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For Aspiring Writers


Author Randolph Randy Camp

Author Randolph Randy Camp

One of my goals as an author is to hopefully inspire others, especially young people. Whenever I give a Book Talk at a high school I always try to end the session with a few helpful writing tips, and one of my main pointers I make is telling the students to practice DESCRIBING mundane things and objects as they go through their daily routine. For example, as you walk pass the street poles and lamp posts in your neighborhood think about the different words or phrases in which you could use to describe one of them, especially the wooden ones. It’s somewhat easy to write a description of a car (red, dents, ect.), but I like to get the students to practice on more mundane things because you can surprise yourself sometimes by coming up with an unusual or unique word or phrase that’s rarely heard or seen in print. The use of these interesting-but-different adjectives will make your story stand out and give you your unique voice as a writer. To give you a hint in describing the mundane street pole, just take a closer look and see if there are any rusty nails or staples still protruding along the side or if there are any weathered pieces left from an old yard sale sign. And remember, to become an author you must write, write, and write! – R. Camp

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My Two Fav Quotes


My two favorite quotes: “Don’t let others define you – You define yourself!” and “Don’t be afraid to dream BIG!”

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Riding Bikes


Some of my fondest memories of my childhood was the long bike rides along dirt roads and single-lane blacktops with my brothers, cousins and other neighborhood kids. Of course, our family couldn’t afford to buy brand new bicycles for us so most often we would go to the local landfill and look for assorted bicycle parts and then we would try our best to piece together a whole bike. On these bike rides I’d always enjoyed seeing a part of Spotsylvania County that I’d never visited before…sometimes it might’ve been just a particular road in which I’d never traveled before that made these bike trips so memorable. The idea of exploring and briefly escaping was absolutely fascinating to me, especially as a child. Looking back, it seems as though I was always, in some type of manner, trying to escape my immediate surroundings. As a kid and even as a teenager, I certainly remember sitting on the bank of the Rappahannock River and just watching the water flow away. I would sometimes sit there for hours just gazing at the flowing water, and I would wonder and think about where the water was actually going to…and as I got older, I also began to wonder about my own life…wondering where my life would take me. When I began to jot down notes, write out poems or short stories as a young boy, it seems as though I really became obsessed with the Rappahannock River….for this was the period of my life when I would often think about where my words and stories might eventually take me…just like the flowing water of the Rappahannock…where is it going?…where will it end up? — Randolph Randy Camp

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Everybody Is Loved


“See, that’s the good thing about The Lord. He don’t care what color your hair is or where you put your jewelry. He loves everybody.” (Quote from WET MATCHES A NOVEL, the prize-winning tale about five homeless teenagers, all HIV positive, getting a second chance at a better life when a California couple takes them in).

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Another Saturday Night

Randolph Randy Camp

Randolph Randy Camp


Title: ‘Darlene’

Logline: The owner of an upscale match-making agency breaks her own policies to help two young kids reunite their parents.

DARLENE is a romantic comedy with an urban flare. Tired of spending Saturday nights alone, Cheryl, a single mother of two, hires a professional match-making service to help her find a man. To better her chances of finding someone, Cheryl creates a phony persona (Darlene) while working with the agency.

DARLENE: US Copyright Office Reg# PAu-002-449-813, Author: Randolph R. Camp

A Personal note from the author: “This was my very first attempt at writing a romantic comedy. I wrote DARLENE as a tribute to all of the single parents who sometimes spend their Saturday nights alone.” – R.Camp



Title: LaBrea’s Moon

Logline: Two young sweethearts from the backwoods of Georgia get swindled by a fast-tongue snake preying on their Hollywood dreams.

LABREA’S MOON is a contemporary Southern noir filled with romance, betrayal and murder. After their high school graduation, Ty and LaBrea plan to leave the backwoods of Georgia and head to Hollywood to pursue their dreams. Still in need of more money for their cross-country trip, LaBrea, an aspiring actress, auditions for a local modeling job. Swindled by Lenny, a fast-tongue hustler, LaBrea is consumed with guilt and shame. Seeking revenge, Ty confronts Lenny and blood starts to spill in peaceful Orchard Valley.

LaBrea’s body was found on the bank of the Chattahoochee River.

Ty was found in a puddle of blood at the Peach Fuzz Motel.

TAGLINE: “Sometimes Dreams Die Too Young”

LABREA’S MOON: US Copyright Office Reg# PAu-002-692-618, Author: Randolph R. Camp

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Still Learning

Randolph Randy Camp, Spotsylvania High School

Randolph Randy Camp, Spotsylvania High School

It’s the beginning of March 2014 and nearly 37 years ago I had an experience that I still think about today. When I think of those pivotal moments of my life, especially the life-changing events of my early years, my mind drifts back to my ‘walkabout.’ It was early Spring 1977. I was turning fifteen and doing quite well in the 10th grade at Spotsylvania High in rural Virginia. A strong urge of wanting to explore and escape came over me during this period of my life. I absolutely loved going to school and learning about different cultures in other parts of the world. I’d learned how the Australian Aborigines would send their juvenile boys to survive on their own in the wilderness as a passage into manhood. The Aborigines called this ‘the walkabout.’ After saving up enough money from doing odd jobs like picking up hay on local farms and weeding out flowerbeds, I boarded a Greyhound Bus and went on a journey to the city of Philadelphia. The juvenile court system classified my journey as “running away”, but to me, it was my ‘walkabout.’ The journey itself, coupled with my experiences on the streets and a brief stay at the Philadelphia Youth Study Center, actually changed my life forever. After seeing and breathing the smell of old urine and dried up alcohol on Philadelphia’s dirty sidewalks it made me truly appreciate the simple, natural beauty of little ol’ Spotsylvania County in Virginia. It was at this time in my life that I began to recognize how important the Rappahannock River (in Virginia) was in my life and how it would help shape me as a person and a writer. My ‘walkabout’ to Philadelphia really opened my eyes to a lot of things. After returning back to Spotsylvania County, I had this renewed sense of “I gotta do something”, so I started reaching out more, mostly through my stories and writings. I wrote to magazines, and my very first published article was a local newspaper piece entitled ‘PUT SOMETHING BACK’ for the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star. Still, to this day, when people would ask me what do I consider the best thing I’d ever written, or what stories or books am I the most proud of as a writer, I always say the ‘Put Something Back’ newspaper article I’d wrote as a teenager. Periodically, when I meet a troubled young person who might be a little confused or feel a little misplaced, I would share with them my walkabout story, and hopefully, they too, will begin to recognize the simple, natural beauty (of both people and things) which already exists around them…(we just don’t see it until we venture out.) So  now, here it is the year 2014 and in many ways, sometimes I still feel like I’m on ‘my walkabout’….still learning and growing. -  Randolph Randy Camp, More at

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