Randolph Randy Camp speaking to students at East High School

Randolph Randy Camp speaking to students at East High School

Contemporary Author Randolph Randy Camp

Contemporary Author Randolph Randy Camp


Randolph Randy Camp’s fourth novel “29 DIMES” is a love story amid a crazy, explosive summer.One summer. Seven hearts. 29 Dimes. It wasn’t your typical LA summer. No one could’ve predicted what happened that day in Silver Lake. It was a summer of passion, confusion, and growth. One hot, crazy summer. Seven hungry hearts. 29 Dimes. Award-winning, prolific writer Randolph Randy Camp creates a moving, tender love story amid a wild, crazy summer as Teki, Ronnie, Pepe, Brittany, Kalib, Tip, and Valerie each will have an experience that will shape and change their young lives forever. Valerie has the kind of natural beauty that belongs on magazine covers. All the guys in Silver Lake dream about her. One guy will get lucky this summer and win her heart. Pepe’s mouth has always gotten him into trouble. A talented street poet, will Pepe’s provocative, ‘in your face’ anthem ‘Hear My Echo!’ get him into trouble at this summer’s Silver Lake street festival? Teki will be the first to admit that she’s certainly not your typical Chinese girl. A gifted musical prodigy, Teki once got kicked out of a prestigious music academy for rocking a reggae rhythm instead of the required Beethoven tune at her classical piano recital. Now, at seventeen, Teki fronts an all-girl progressive reggae band in Silver Lake. Kalib is a young Armenian computer whiz who is hoping to win Valerie’s heart this summer. Carrying the agonizing weight of his family’s dark past on his shoulders, Kalib believes that Valerie’s love could wash away all of that pain, if only he could somehow convince her to go out with him. A gifted storyteller, Randolph Randy Camp offers the reader a realistic glimpse of contemporary life in the Los Angeles community of Silver Lake. If you still believe that love can happen to the most unlikely people and that love still can be found in the most unusual place then Randolph Randy Camp’s ’29 Dimes: A Love Story’ is for you. One summer. Seven hearts. 29 Dimes.

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Author Randolph Randy Camp at East High School in Buffalo, NY

Author Randolph Randy Camp at East High School in Buffalo, NY

If you are interested in possibly bringing novel pages to life on the big silver screen and would like to take a closer look at any of  Randolph Randy Camp’s screenplays, novels, or if you have any legal and/or literary copyright questions, please use the contact info provided below:


Altschul & Olin, Entertainment Attorney

*(Office in Encino, California)

Randolph Randy Camp
(716) 444-4360
*(Based in Buffalo, New York)

‘FALSE DANDELIONS ‘    a contemporary Southern crime fiction novel, now available on Amazon and you may also purchase a copy via the following LINK                                                                     Go to   to learn more

*Wet Matches: A Novel is now available on in paperback or ebook, and also can be purchased directly via the following LINK: 

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RCstories’ Children’s TV Series

HARRY’S FIELD is an animated, children’s fantasy TV series. The series centers around a magical flying school bus named Eagle Wing, which transports kids from urban areas to an enchanted, colorful place called Harry’s Field, where they learn about nature and our environment from a variety of jovial, talking animals and plants. TIME OUT TIME IN is another very lively and engaging animated, children’s fantasy TV series created by Randolph Randy Camp. In a very entertaining and colorful manner (without being preachy), the series encourages young kids to use their imagination while simultaneously teaching them about life’s virtues, such as the importance of being polite and kind to others. All works registered with the Writers Guild of America, East. Learn more at
Contemporary Writer RANDOLPH RANDY CAMP

Contemporary Writer RANDOLPH RANDY CAMP

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About Randolph Randy Camp

Randolph Randy Camp: Screenwriter, Blogger , Storyteller, Youth Advocate and Mentor : The country boy from the backwoods of Virginia with a thousand stories to tell.
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  1. randy says:

    Two of Randy’s original feature-length scripts “…THEN THE RAIN” and “WET MATCHES” are Quarter-Finals Winners of the Writers Network 14th Annual Screenplay and Fiction Competition. Both scripts won high marks for storytelling and concept.
    More details at &

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