Script Excerpt from ‘Darlene’

Contemporary Author Randolph Randy Camp

Contemporary Author Randolph Randy Camp

From the feature-length screenplay ‘Darlene’…

Door swings open from Unit B.  Twenty-year-old , pregnant Cheryl appears in the doorway with an armful of Duster’s clothing then begins to toss them unto the lawn…Kids begin to gather in front of Unit B, giggling and laughing at the many boxer shorts flying in the air…Duster stands frozen in disbelief as Cheryl stoops and picks up a box filled with plastic model cars…One-by-one, Cheryl begins to toss the cars upon the lawn. Duster frantically runs and tries to pick up the now broken pieces of his model cars as the kids’ laughter explodes!…Duster pleads ” Aw com’on, Cheryl…not my cars!”

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summer. Seven hearts. 29 Dimes. It wasn’t your typical LA summer. No one
could’ve predicted what happened that day in Silver Lake. It was a summer of
passion, confusion, and growth. One hot, crazy summer. Seven hungry hearts. 29
Dimes. Award-winning, prolific writer Randolph Randy Camp creates a moving,
tender love story amid a wild, crazy summer as Teki, Ronnie, Pepe, Brittany,
Kalib, Tip, and Valerie each will have an experience that will shape and change
their young lives forever. Valerie has the kind of natural beauty that belongs
on magazine covers. All the guys in Silver Lake dream about her. One guy will
get lucky this summer and win her heart. Pepe’s mouth has always gotten him into
trouble. A talented street poet, will Pepe’s provocative, ‘in your face’ anthem
‘Hear My Echo!’ get him into trouble at this summer’s Silver Lake street
festival? Teki will be the first to admit that she’s certainly not your typical
Chinese girl. A gifted musical prodigy, Teki once got kicked out of a
prestigious music academy for rocking a reggae rhythm instead of the required
Beethoven tune at her classical piano recital. Now, at seventeen, Teki fronts an
all-girl progressive reggae band in Silver Lake. Kalib is a young Armenian
computer whiz who is hoping to win Valerie’s heart this summer. Carrying the
agonizing weight of his family’s dark past on his shoulders, Kalib believes that
Valerie’s love could wash away all of that pain, if only he could somehow
convince her to go out with him. A gifted storyteller, Randolph Randy Camp
offers the reader a realistic glimpse of contemporary life in the Los Angeles
community of Silver Lake. If you still believe that love can happen to the most
unlikely people and that love still can be found in the most unusual place then
Randolph Randy Camp’s ’29 Dimes: A Love Story’ is for you. One summer. Seven
hearts. 29 Dimes.

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About Randolph Randy Camp

Randolph Randy Camp: Screenwriter, Blogger , Storyteller, Youth Advocate and Mentor : The country boy from the backwoods of Virginia with a thousand stories to tell.
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