Contemporary Author Randolph Randy Camp

Contemporary Author Randolph Randy Camp

Everything we do has an impact or an influence on someone else, whether we like it or not. As I journey through life, I hope that my wavelengths create more of a positive ripple effect than a negative one. No, I’m certainly not perfect and I’ve made plenty of mistakes. Although I’m older now, I still fall way short of perfection but I try to give my best shot at helping and influencing others.

It’s the beginning of a new year now, and yesterday, as the kids went back to school after their long Holiday break, I was blown away by a ripple effect that was set in motion with wavelengths that started several months ago. It all began back in September when one of my neighbors had asked me to speak to her 16 year old daughter who was seriously considering dropping out of high school. Well, yesterday, this young lady knocked on my door and was so excited to tell me that not only was she getting A’s and B’s in all of her classes but she also had talked her mother into purchasing all of my books, in which she read all of them during the Holiday break. And with the biggest and proudest smile on her face, she went on to say that her teacher has also agreed to let her do an oral book report on one of my novels for extra credit. Needless to say, this young lady certainly made my day and I was just as proud of her as she was.

Yes indeed, our wavelengths definitely have an impact on others. I can only hope that during my lifetime I’ve helped more people than I’ve hurt. As I lay my head down at night, I want to sleep peacefully, knowing that my wavelengths had a positive ripple effect on someone. – Randolph Randy Camp

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About Randolph Randy Camp

Randolph Randy Camp: Screenwriter, Blogger , Storyteller, Youth Advocate and Mentor : The country boy from the backwoods of Virginia with a thousand stories to tell.
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