New Roads


Several months ago I moved from New York to an unfamiliar city. Getting settled into Des Moines has been both challenging and rewarding for me. One of the rewards of this move has been the new friendships I’ve made. If you’re currently feeling stuck where you are but maybe too afraid to leave, please do yourself a favor and, at least, consider the countless possibilities and rewards when we venture down new paths and open roads. Yes, I know, starting over and the unknown can be daunting but it’s also exciting. I firmly believe that if we never take any type of risks then we can’t expect to grow and reach inner happiness. So, if you’re currently dissatisfied with where you are in life, don’t be afraid to take a step towards new roads in 2016. – Randolph Randy Camp

*(photo: Veterans’ Creative Arts & Talent Competition, Des Moines, Iowa, Feb. 26, 2016: Randolph Randy Camp, daughter Randie, grandson Noah, & friend Kaur)

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About Randolph Randy Camp

Randolph Randy Camp: Screenwriter, Blogger , Storyteller, Youth Advocate and Mentor : The country boy from the backwoods of Virginia with a thousand stories to tell.
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