Come November


Ever since I could remember people have always told me to “don’t live in the past, but learn from the past.” Come November I’m certainly going to keep this thought in mind when I’m in the voting booth.

For the most part, I try to keep my personal opinions about politics out of my writings and blog pieces, but this particular 2016 Presidential Election (here in America) has sparked a special interest, in which I haven’t experienced in quite awhile. No matter which side of the fence you stand on, I urge all of you (especially those living here in the U.S.) to make your voice heard come this November.

After hearing some political rhetoric from one of the Presidential candidates recently that reminded me of the TV character ‘Archie Bunker’ from the 1970’s TV series ‘All In The Family’, I realized that I absolutely can’t remain silent any longer. As a concerned American citizen, I feel that I will be doing a disservice to myself and to my country if I kept my political opinion quiet. Simply put, ‘Archie Bunker’ was popular in the 1970’s, and that character embodied the same thoughts and opinions as fans of the show back then, which I must emphasize again was the 1970’s! This is the year 2016, and we must not let anyone take us back to a time period that we should be learning from, not repeating. – Randolph Randy Camp

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About Randolph Randy Camp

Randolph Randy Camp: Screenwriter, Blogger , Storyteller, Youth Advocate and Mentor : The country boy from the backwoods of Virginia with a thousand stories to tell.
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