Human Error

Randolph Randy Camp

Every now and then we hear of these situations whereby a person’s skin color has unfortunately caused another person to make a human error. In my personal life this week, I had to face this superficial judgment head on, and I must be honest with you, I’m still deeply troubled by it.

Imagine a White supremacist refusing medical help once he or she finds out that their attending nurse or doctor is African-American. If the patient is conscious, he or she may possibly request to be attended by a White nurse or a White doctor. It’s terribly sad that America is still dealing with these superficial human errors in 2017.

Because of these unfortunate situations, I’ve gain a better understanding of God’s intervention in our human decisions. Now I truly understand why, in certain cases, a patient arrives at the hospital in an unconscious state. Did God intervene to prevent this patient from making another human error? – Randolph Randy Camp

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About Randolph Randy Camp

Randolph Randy Camp: Screenwriter, Blogger , Storyteller, Youth Advocate and Mentor : The country boy from the backwoods of Virginia with a thousand stories to tell.
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