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Turning Negatives Into Positives

Regardless of your age, gender, color, background, or which side of town you live on, you deserve to be happy, and always know that you are precious and uniquely special. Please don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. One of … Continue reading

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Getting Started

Whatever you want to do in life you can do it. I didn’t realize it back then but the seeds of becoming a writer probably were planted years ago in rural Spotsylvania County when I used to sit along the … Continue reading

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Tommy’s Drive

Have you ever met a kid with so much drive, potential, and natural talent but they always had to put their goals and dreams momentarily aside because ‘life happens’? Time after time, this has been the story in Tommy’s life. … Continue reading

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Courage To Walk Alone

Due to the senseless, recent death of my grandson in New York it gave me a renewed appreciation for positive-minded kids, and got me thinking a lot about all of the positive kids out there who are doing their own thing … Continue reading

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