Tommy’s Drive


Have you ever met a kid with so much drive, potential, and natural talent but they always had to put their goals and dreams momentarily aside because ‘life happens’? Time after time, this has been the story in Tommy’s life.

My daughter Tasha has three sons, Anthony, Tyler, and Tommy. As some of you already know, Anthony was fatally shot just three weeks ago. Tommy is the oldest. Can you imagine being barely over twenty and giving the eulogy at your younger brother’s funeral, and then, only a few days later, you find out that your other younger brother is now in jail. How much can a young man take? Time after time, Tommy gets punched but keeps driving.

Tommy is all grown up now, but it seems as though Tommy’s childhood has been filled with unimaginable heartaches and numerous sacrifices, whereby he’s been forced to grow up fast and become a man way ahead of time. Ironically though, it’s these unfortunate events in Tommy’s young life that have catapulted him into the strong, tenacious gentleman he is today.

Tommy loves his family, and throughout his young life he has always put his own dreams and goals on the back burner whenever his mother or younger brothers needed him.

A few years ago, when his mother was hospitalized, Tommy was there stepping up to the plate. At a young age, many times over, Tommy has stepped up and became the man of the house. It’s a role that seemingly comes naturally to Tommy. He is absolutely a remarkable, driven young man.

Ever since he was little, Tommy has always loved music. Tommy is a musical prodigy. Tommy can play the piano, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, and drums. And what I especially love about Tommy’s musical taste is that, in spite of his young age, he still has a desire and love for old school retro soul and jazz. Bands and artists such as ‘Earth, Wind and Fire’ and bassist Stanley Clarke are high on Tommy’s playlist. The first time I heard my grandson Tommy play his rendition of Stanley Clarke’s ‘Rocks, Pebbles and Sand’, I was just blown away! Tommy has a natural ear for music, and I do believe that one day the world will readily know a few of his original songs.

After giving such a graceful and down-to-earth eulogy at his brother Anthony’s funeral, Tommy’s grief was interrupted and he had to shift gears and step up to the plate once again as he learned of his brother Tyler’s untimely incarceration.

The emotional and financial strain and stress of covering Anthony’s recent funeral and burial expenses have definitely taken its toll on the family. And now, as lightning has struck twice so quickly, Tommy has stepped up and created a fundraising campaign to raise enough money for his brother Tyler’s attorney fee. You see, Tommy will become an uncle soon, to his brother Tyler’s first child sometime in the next few weeks, in mid-August. And big brother Tommy is trying his best to raise these funds so that his brother Tyler could be released soon and able to see his baby’s birth.

Tommy has done a lot for his family already, so many sacrifices he has made. This time, let’s take some of the weight and financial burden off of Tommy’s shoulders. Let’s tell Tommy that this time he’s not alone in this battle by giving whatever you can to support his fundraising campaign.

I always believe that when you do positive things, people will support you and your positive efforts. Please join me in helping Tommy’s Drive to free his brother Tyler. Please CLICK the following Link if you would like to contribute or learn more about Tommy’s brother Tyler  (

Any amount you give would be greatly appreciated, and God Bless you all for helping Tommy’s Drive.

– (Grandpa) Randolph Randy Camp

*(Photo: Tommy Summage, Jr.)


About Randolph Randy Camp

Randolph Randy Camp: Screenwriter, Blogger , Storyteller, Youth Advocate and Mentor : The country boy from the backwoods of Virginia with a thousand stories to tell.
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