About Randy Camp

Author Randolph Randy Camp

Author Randolph Randy Camp

Randolph Randy Camp, October 2014

Randolph Randy Camp, October 2014

Author Randolph Randy Camp discussing his novel WET MATCHES with high school students in New York, December 2013.

Author Randolph Randy Camp discussing his novel WET MATCHES with high school students in New York, December 2013.

CRYSTAL AND JACK’S FIRST RIDE ALONG MAIN STREET: An Excerpt from Randolph Randy Camp’s prize-winning WET MATCHES…

On their way to visit Crystal’s parents, the Canadays’ rental Ford Escort slowly makes its way through Shallow Creek’s business district. In the midst of colorful storefront windows, standing out is the boarded-up teen drop-in center cushioned between a laundromat and Middleton’s Drugstore. The plywood enclosing the teen drop-in center is covered with large, spray-painted letters spelling ‘Go home’, ‘Get out of our town’ , ‘Wet Matches’, ect. ‘WET MATCHES’ is an inspiring, triumph-over-tragedy story about five homeless teens getting a second chance at a better life. ‘Wet Matches’ won the prestigious Quarter-Finals Prize at the 14th Annual Writers Network Screenplay and Fiction Competition in Los Angeles.

Learn more on Goodreads at http://www.goodreads.com/randolphcamp


Randolph Randy Camp, friend Kaur, daughter Randie, and grandson Noah at Veterans Talent Competition, Des Moines, Feb. 26, 2016

Randolph Randy Camp, friend Kaur, daughter Randie, and grandson Noah at Veterans Talent Competition, Des Moines, Feb. 26, 2016


Contemporary author Randolph Randy Camp with High School Students after a Book Talk Discussion on his novel WET MATCHES, December 2013.

Randy Camp with friend Karen (dark hair) and Ms. Conley on May 2, 2014 at ECC Scholarship Luncheon in Williamsville, NY.

Randy Camp with friend Karen (dark hair) and Ms. Conley on May 2, 2014 at ECC Scholarship Luncheon in Williamsville, NY.


Contemporary Writer Randolph Randy Camp

Contemporary Writer Randolph Randy Camp

“Wet Matches: A Novel” is an inspiring and uplifting story about five homeless ‘throwaway’ teens (all HIV positive) getting a second chance at a better life when a young couple on a high school reunion trip rescues them and takes them on a cross-country journey to their new home in sunny California. ‘Wet Matches’ is about friendships, and it asks the question, “How far would you go for a friend?” Fifteen years of separation didn’t stop Crystal from being there for Jalan. What Crystal did for Jalan will inspire us all to take a closer look at our own relationships and friendships…Could you still laugh knowing that death was possibly lurking around the corner? Meet five free-spirited teens: Shelly, Robbie, Josie, Micky and Cole, who will inspire you to enjoy every second of your life. Shelly is pregnant. Robbie plays guitar. Josie’s a little confused. Micky likes cars. Cole’s a little shy. Some people called them useless. They were told to get out of town. Some people said that they were about as good as wet matches…but Jalan, Crystal and Jack thought otherwise. If you had ever been ridiculed, bullied, mocked…or if someone had ever made you feel like you was good for nothing or worthless then Randolph Randy Camp’s award-winning ‘Wet Matches: A Novel’ is a story for you. Without being preachy-but yet-entertaining, ‘Wet Matches’ takes a fresh contemporary look at America’s ever-increasing youth runaway and teen homeless problems. ‘WET MATCHES’ is a Quarter-Finals Winner of The Writers Network 14th Annual Screenplay and Fiction Competition.

Randolph Randy Camp, Class of '79, Spotsylvania High

Randolph Randy Camp, Class of ’79, Spotsylvania High


Author Randolph Randy Camp at ECC, March 2014

Author Randolph Randy Camp at ECC, March 2014

Some of Randy’s literary titles include ’29 Dimes: A Love Story’, ‘False Dandelions’ , ‘Rappahannock Dreams’, ‘Wet Matches: A Novel’, ‘…Then The Rain’, ‘LaBrea’s Moon’, ‘New K.A.N.S.A.S.’       


Dissatisfied with the way the adults are running the nation, a well-organized, underground society of intelligent kids demand the right to vote and to be given their own statehood or else. (The kids believe that voting should be based upon a person’s IQ, not their age.
Synopsis: ‘NEW K.A.N.S.A.S.’ (Kids’ Alliance National Society And Sanctuary): Discouraged with his lack of ability to control his own destiny fueled by his parents’ divorce and already fed up with the way the adults are running the country, a twelve year old boy forms a society to give children the Right to Vote and attempts to establish their own State in which to do it. All hell breaks when the U.S. Government starts to hunt down the leader and his underground network. In the meantime, the secretive children’s society is growing to an unbelievable size and there’s no stopping them now! TAGLINE: “Don’t underestimate the power of kids”
Although I’d originally wrote ‘NEW K.A.N.S.A.S.’ as a live action feature, it could also work as an ANIMATED feature-length movie as well. (The ‘Kansas’ in NEW K.A.N.S.A.S. stands for Kids’ Alliance National Society And Sanctuary)
U.S. Copyright: PAu002651984 (Original Screenplay Draft/ Author: Randolph Camp)
Learn more at AUTHORS DEN http://www.authorsden.com/randolphrcamp and WRITERS NET http://www.writers.net/writers/81919

‘NEW K.A.N.S.A.S.’ (Kids’ Alliance National Society And Sanctuary)

                                                                                                                                                   , ‘Tony’s Bike’, ‘The Legend of Three Trees’, ‘Tunnel One’, ‘Spider Boy’, ‘Jump!’ , ‘Sis-tah!’, ‘Ridgefield’, ‘Ticket to Heaven’, ‘Dandelions In The Wind’, ‘Wild Dreams’, ‘To Walk Like Daddy’, plus many more…29DimesALoveStoryRandyCamp

Randolph Randy Camp's FALSE DANDELIONS (Book Cover)

Randolph Randy Camp’s FALSE DANDELIONS (Book Cover)

BOOK ISBN: 1478273720….. Set in rural Virginia, ‘FALSE DANDELIONS’ is a contemporary Southern crime fiction novel filled with romance, small town secrets, broken dreams and murder as locals from Spotsylvania County and Fredericksburg, including a young disabled Iraq war veteran, stop a misguided band of Washington, DC criminals from setting up shop in their quiet town. When Lamar returned home from Iraq they gave him a hero’s welcome but he actually never felt like a true hero until he pulled off his greatest mission ever. A mission that will make this disabled vet a local legend, and a mission that will literally blow you away. Jesse is a rising star but when his mother’s body was found in the murky waters of the Rappahannock, he trades his prized guitar for a shotgun. Ever since Turtle was little, he was always somebody’s errand boy. Now, twenty years later, he decides to break the mold and that is just the beginning of many mistakes Turtle will make. Randolph Randy Camp’s ‘FALSE DANDELIONS’ is about the lives and dreams of underdogs. When you’re stuck in a nowhere place, physically or mentally, you dream of leaving. When you’ve been a nobody and strive to become somebody, sometimes you succeed, sometimes you don’t. Once again, this prolific award-winning writer paints a straight forward picture of contemporary Southern life and reminds us that, regardless of your income or race, there’s a touch of Jesse in all of us and there’s a little Turtle in all of us.

Writer Randy Camp at East High School in Buffalo, NY

Writer Randy Camp at East High School in Buffalo, NY

‘FALSE DANDELIONS’ is available in paperback and eBook (Kindle)  on Amazon.

WET MATCHES tells the uplifting tale of five homeless teens (all HIV positive) getting a new lease on life.

‘WET MATCHES: A NOVEL’ is now available on Amazon in paperback or ebook.

*Additional info:  http://rcstories-rcstories.blogspot.com/  and  http://rcstories.weebly.com  

*More info at    http://rcstories-rcstories.blogspot.com 

Randolph Randy Camp’s fourth novel ’29 DIMES’ is a love story amid a crazy, hot summer.


“My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way.”  Ernest Hemingway wrote those words years ago, and as a writer, I can’t think of a better way to defend myself than with Hemingway’s words. I’ll try to explain.
I understand that some folks around the country have called my latest book ’29 Dimes’ inciteful because I have a hot-mouth character named ‘Pepe’ speaking his mind about Florida’s schizophrenic ‘stand your ground’ law in certain parts of the novel. From my understanding, what’s getting some folks especially riled up is when Pepe performs his provocative, ‘in your face’ spoken-word anthem ‘Hear My Echo’ towards the end of the story. The specific line from that anthem that has got some people bent out of shape goes like this, “…I don’t like standing in Florida – facing a courthouse gun…” Depending on where you stand on the different sides of the ‘stand your ground’ debate, you may possibly see those lyrics as “inciteful”, but I specifically wrote those words for the voice and the mentality of a specific fictional character. It would be an injustice to myself as a writer, and certainly a literary injustice to the fire-tongued character I’d created if I had him voice his opinion and thoughts on other safe and soft topics currently headlining America’s newspapers and not a hot topic such as Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ law. I wouldn’t be true to myself as a writer, nor to my story if I did that.
The ‘stand your ground’ law in Florida and several other states is very schizophrenic because lawmakers and law enforcement officials are picking and choosing when and when not to use and invoke the law, seemingly using it when it’s convenient for them at that particular time and place. For example, take the case of the Florida woman Marissa Alexander who initially was sentenced to 20 years for firing a warning shot at her intruding husband, and when she tried to use Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ law as her defense the judge simply threw it out, saying that she could’ve ran out of the house. But, on the other hand, look at what happened in the other high-profile Florida trial where a vigilante got away with murder, thanks to the convenience of the wishy-washy ‘stand your ground’ defense. The reason I wrote and used the words “…courthouse gun…” in the ‘Hear My Echo’ lyrics was to express mostly my character’s belief, and to be quite honest, some of my own as well, that Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ law is seemingly sanctioned by the state, giving everyday Jane and Joe permission to kill without consequences. When the ‘not guilty’ verdict went viral in the George Zimmerman trial it instantly triggered my memory bank to a time in America when old cranky men draped in white sheets with cone-shape heads would hang a man of a darker shade up in a tree for all of the local town people to see, knowing that there would be no repercussions whatsoever, and everyone nonchalantly walks away as if this was accepted as normal everyday life.
I never intended my novel to be “inciteful”, but I do want it to open discussions in classrooms, at the kitchen table, and around the water cooler. I truly believe that if America is ever going to have better race relations among our very diverse and ever-growing population then we simply must start with a peaceful conversation first.
Randolph Randy Camp
If you would like further details on ’29 Dimes’ or Author Randolph Randy Camp go to https://www.amazon.com/author/randolphcamp


One summer. Seven hearts. 29 Dimes. It wasn’t your typical LA summer. No one could’ve predicted what happened that day in Silver Lake. It was a summer of passion, confusion, and growth.

One hot, crazy summer.

Seven hungry hearts.

29 Dimes.

Award-winning, prolific writer Randolph Randy Camp creates a moving, tender love story amid a wild, crazy summer as Teki, Ronnie, Pepe, Brittany, Kalib, Tip, and Valerie each will have an experience that will forever shape and change their young lives.

Valerie has the kind of natural beauty that belongs on magazine covers. All the guys in Silver Lake dream about her. One guy will get lucky this summer and win her heart.

A gifted storyteller, Randolph Randy Camp offers the reader a realistic glimpse of the Los Angeles community of Silver Lake. If you still believe that love can happen to the most unlikely people and love still can be found in the most unusual place, then Randolph Randy Camp’s ’29 Dimes: A Love Story’ is certainly a must-read for you.

One Summer. Seven Hearts. 29 Dimes.




1. Harry’s Field (May 2014, Registered with Writers Guild of America, East, Reg#R30871)

2. Time Out Time In (May 2014, Registered with WGA, East)

Writer Randolph Randy Camp being honored at Buffalo Erie County Public Library

Writer Randolph Randy Camp being honored at Buffalo Erie County Public Library

Connect and ‘LIKE’  Randolph Randy Camp on FaceBook at http://www.facebook.com/rcstories  

Randolph Camp is honored with the David Conley Scholarship on May 3, 2013 at Erie Community College.

Randolph Camp is honored with the David Conley Scholarship on May 3, 2013 at Erie Community College.

Randolph Randy Camp RCRandy Camp Book1

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  1. “Wet Matches” (screenplay, Drama) written by Randolph Camp
    “False Dandelions” (screenplay, Film noir) written by Randolph Camp
    “New K.A.N.S.A.S.” (screenplay, Kid Adventure ) written by Randolph Camp
    “The Legend of Three Trees” (screenplay, Urban Thriller/ Fantasy) written by Randolph Camp
    “…Then The Rain” (screenplay, Thriller) written by Randolph Camp
    “29 Dimes: A Love Story” (screenplay) written by Randolph Camp

    Additional Info at https://www.amazon.com/author/randolphcamp

  2. randy0312 says:

    RANDOLPH CAMP’S CURRENT LIST OF SONGS, SHORT STORIES & FEATURE-LENGTH SCREENPLAYS: 1. “To Walk Like Daddy”. 2. “Darlene”. 3. “Ridgefield”. 4. “Ticket to Heaven”. 5. “Sis-tah!”. 6. “Jump!”. 7. “Dandelions In The Wind”. 8. “LaBrea’s Moon”. 9. “Wild Dreams”. 10. “Tony’s Bike”. 11. “Tunnel One”. 12. “Spider Boy”. 13. “…Then The Rain” *(both a song & screenplay) 14. “The Rain”. 15. “Rappahannock Dreams” *(both a song & screenplay). 16. “Wet Matches” *(Original Draft September 29, 1993) 17. “New K.A.N.S.A.S.” 18. “The Legend of Three Trees”. 19. “False Dandelions”.
    20. “WET MATCHES: A NOVEL” 21. “CHANGIN’ FACE” *(a song in ‘False Dandelions screenplay) 22. “THE LETTER” (TV sit-com) 23. “THE RELAPSE” (TV sit-com) **ALL NOVELS, SHORT STORIES, SONGS AND SCREENPLAYS WRITTEN BY RANDOLPH RANDY CAMP / US Copyright Office (http://cocatalog.loc.gov)
    *Look for Books with the above-mentioned titles on Amazon.com & Barnes&Noble.com

  3. randy0312 says:

    RANDOLPH CAMP served 5 years and 6 months in the US Air Force from 1979 to 1985. US AIR FORCE AWARDS, MEDALS & RIBBONS: 1. Air Force Good Conduct Medal. 2. Air Force Training Ribbon. 3. Air Force Longevity Service Ribbon. 4. Air Force Overseas Short Tour Ribbon. 5. Air Force Achievement Medal. ***If you would like to know more about Mr.Camp’s military experiences and early years in rural Virginia, go to http://www.loc.gov/vets , Veterans History Project (*Randolph Camp, US Air Force)

  4. randy0312 says:


    1. “Wet Matches: A Novel”
    ISBN: 13:978-1466389281

    2. ‘…Then The Rain’
    ISBN: 13: 978-1475165029

    3. ‘False Dandelions’: A Southern Crime Fiction Novel (ISNB 978-1478273721)

    4. ’29 Dimes: A Love Story’

    GO TO http://rcstories-rcstories.blogspot.com for more details

  5. randy0312 says:

    Email: rcstories@hotmail.com

    *LOOK FOR NOVELS BY RANDOLPH RANDY CAMP “WET MATCHES: A NOVEL”, “…THEN THE RAIN” and “FALSE DANDELIONS” on Amazon.com, both in paperback and eBook (Kindle) version.

  6. randy camp says:

    TITLE: “Rappahannock Dreams”. BRIEF PLOT: A country boy finds serenity and sanctuary along the banks of a slow-moving river as he dreams of leaving his dismal hometown. AUTHOR: Randy Camp. DATE OF CREATION: May 15, 1998. US COPYRIGHT OFFICE REG#: PAu 2-298-083. * SPECIAL INSTRUCTION/ NOTE:
    When you’re seeking copyright info from the US Copyright Office website (http://cocatalog.loc.gov), remember to enter LAST NAME “Camp” first, then enter FIRST NAME “Randolph”.

    Go to http://rcstories-rcstories.blogspot.com for more details

  7. randy0312 says:

    The following AWARD LETTER was sent to Randolph Camp in late October 2007: THE WRITER’S NETWORK (To) Randolph Camp 192 Roslyn Street Upper #2 Buffalo, NY 14215 RE: “WET MATCHES” & “…THEN THE RAIN” Dear Randolph, Congratulations! You have been chosen as a quarter-finalist in the 14th Annual Writer’s Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition. Your submission(s) received very high marks in both storytelling and concept. As one of 543 quarter-finalists advancing to this stage out of approximately 2,216 entrants, you will now compete for the semi-finalist round of the competition. We will notify all semi-finalist by mail no later than December 1. If you’d like to view a list of the quarter-finalists or the upcoming semi-finalists for the 14th Annual Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition, please visit our website after December 1,2007. Thank you for entering the 14th Annual Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition and allowing us the opportunity to read your material. We wish you much continued success. Sincerely yours, Sarah Kelly Program Director

  8. randy says:

    Randy was born in the rural county of Spotsylvania, Virginia on March 12, 1961. Growing up financially poor served Randy well. His childhood was somewhat harsh at times but made brighter with his wild imagination. Randy learned early in his childhood that you could go places in your mind, and that you can have things…things that are not necessarily in the stores if you think it hard enough. Being financially poor seemingly has made Mr. Camp the very prolific writer he is today. In conversations with Mr. Camp, he would periodically point out the fact about how someone could be financially poor but yet be soulfully or spiritually rich with the added bonus of also being creatively rich all at the same time.

  9. randy says:

    Going to school became an escape for Randy during his early years in rural Virginia. At school Randy could sometimes showcase and express his thoughts through his schoolwork and writing assignments. Randy graduated with Honors from Spotsylvania Senior High School in June 1979. Later, that same year, Mr. Camp enlisted into the U.S. Air Force and continued his undergraduate studies in writing and socialogy during his off-duty time at the Overseas Division of University of Maryland University College at Kadena Air Force, Okinawa Japan. Randy was always writing short stories and absolutely love creating new characters. Over the years, these characters and stories stayed in Randy’s mind and soon developed into longer stories and his current list of feature-length screenplays. Randy has five daughters: Natasha, Melinda, Randie, Ranielle, Christina and one son Joshua. Randy currently has an ever-growing number of grandchildren as well. It’s one of Randy’s greatest dreams to hopefully see at least one of his adult children or grandchildren play a role, either in front of the camera or behind the camera, in a TV show or in a feature movie in which he’d written. Growing up financially poor in rural Virginia has given Randy a drive and determination to succeed and help the next generation of his family to rise above and go way beyond their own expectations. Two of Randy’s favorite quotes are “Don’t be afraid to dream Big! ” and “Don’t let others define you – You define yourself!” …………………………. Randy currently resides in Des Moines, Iowa and continually writes novels and screenplays.

  10. randy says:

    To see Randolph Camp’s Professional Profile go to https://www.amazon.com/author/randolphcamp

  11. randy says:

    Randy Camp’s two feature-length screenplays “WET MATCHES” and “…THEN THE RAIN” are both Quarter-Finals Winners of The Writers Network 14th Annual Screenplay and Fiction Competition of 2007. Learn more at http://rcstories-rcstories.blogspot.com

  12. randy says:


  13. randy says:

    Any Questions or Further Information, please contact:
    Randolph Randy Camp at Email: rcstories@hotmail.com

  14. randy says:

    If you have further questions regarding Randy or his literary properties, please contact: SCREENWRITER & NOVELIST: Randolph Randy Camp.

  15. randy says:

    People would often ask Randy , “What made you so interested in writing movies”?
    Mr. Camp’s father was a very religous man. He was a carpenter by trade and he built his own churches in rural Virginia. Randy’s father was a Southern preacher who’d gotten “the calling” to teach the word of God. He wouldn’t allow a television in the Camp household because he said that the devil speaks through the TV. It was this particular issue (growing up in a household without a television) that had a profound impact on Randy’s life. As a child, Randy would only get a chance to see a TV show or a TV movie at a cousin’s or friend’s house, and the experience of watching a TV show or movie became such a special event for him, especially when he identified with the characters in the show or movie. At an early age, Mr. Camp developed a desire to create his own characters….and soon enough, his writing talents began to surface.

    More at: http://rcstories-rcstories.blogspot.com

  16. randy says:

    Randolph Camp was born in March 1961. He was raised in rural Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Growing up in a somewhat impoverished household, Randolph’s sometimes bleak childhood was made brighter through his desire and efforts to excel in school.
    Eventually, writing stories became a welcomed and much-needed escape from the sometimes harsh realities of his homelife.
    After graduating with honors from High School in 1979, Randolph joined the U.S. Air Force. After traveling around the globe on various military tours, Randolph settled in Southern California.
    Currently, Randolph resides in Buffalo, New York where he continually writes and create characters in which he hopes that at least one or more of his children , including Natasha, Melinda, Randie, Ranielle, Christina and Joshua may possibly play a role based upon a character in which he’d created , or possibly play a role behind the camera on the set of a TV show or movie that he’d written.

  17. randy says:

    RANDY CAMP, I HAVE A DREAM FOUNDATION & THE LOS ANGELES MARATHON: Outside of writing, Randy Camp has a compassionate heart to help the under-served youths. Mr.Camp is a somewhat quiet, humble man but his heart and spirit is big and very giving, especially to the youths from broken homes. Randy often says, “we gotta help the next generation.” Mr.Camp have helped many kids over the years, and he’d repeatedly said “If you are doing something positive then I will help you.” During Randy’s years in Los Angeles, he became involved with the I HAVE A DREAM FOUNDATION which tells kids in sometimes gang-infested neighborhoods “If you finish school we will pay for your college or vocational school.” The kids in the ‘IHAD’ programs are called ‘dreamers’ ,and these dreamers are provided with year-round academic, social, cultural and recreational activities throughout their elementary, middle and high school years. Randy was enthusiastic about running the 26-mile Los Angeles Marathons to help raise funds for the kids in the IHAD programs. Randy was absolutely thrilled by the amount of support and funds he’d received from his friends and coworkers who’d sponsored him not only in the 2003 LA Marathon but also supported and sponsored his efforts the following year in the 2004 Los Angeles Marathon. Mr.Camp has often said that besides creating characters and writing, the volunteer work and efforts done to help the youths (dreamers) in the I HAVE A DREAM FOUNDATION is one of his proudest achievements. *On March 2, 2003 Randy Camp, then 41 years old and wearing #726, ran (and walked) the 26-mile (plus 385 yards) LA Marathon in 6 hours and 46 minutes. *The following year, Randy Camp, at age 42 and wearing #2736, completed the Los Angeles Marathon in 6 hours and 14 minutes on March 7, 2004. *Between 2003 and 2004 Mr.Camp raised much-needed money to keep the programs up and running for the ‘dreamers’ in IHAD. Mr.Camp has always said that people also learn a great deal from others who’d set an example and he’d always hoped that some of the kids he’d met possibly could learn a thing or two just simply by observing him and the things he do for others.

    • randy says:


      Dear Mr. Randolph Camp:

      The “I HAVE A DREAM” Foundation-Los Angeles (IHAD) is pleased to congratulate you on the successful completion of 26.2 miles of the Los Angeles marathon on March 2, 2003. This is a tremendous accomplishment and the fact that you chose to use this opportunity to raise money for the IHAD programs makes it all that much more momentous.

      IHAD is proud to recognize and honor you for the successful fundraising that your marathon experience provided. Mr. Camp your efforts raised a total of $1,200.00 for the IHAD programs. It requires money to assist our Dreamers starting with the college scholarship that each Dreamer is entitled to upon completion of high school. However, before Dreamers get that far it is our goal to truly prepare them for college level education, and for children raised in low income areas it is difficult for them to find the same resources in order to be fully prepared. Your fundraising will help in providing those resources necessary for our Dreamers. This includes, but is not limited to, tutoring, mentoring, PSAT/SAT test prep classes, and cultural enrichment.

      The ‘I HAVE A DREAM’ Foundation-Los Angeles thanks you for your profound commitment and support. Best wishes to you in all your future endeavors.

      Nikki Carelli,
      Project Coordinator
      ‘I HAVE A DREAM’ Foundation-Los Angeles

      • randy says:


        Dear Mr. Camp:

        The ‘I HAVE A DREAM’ Foundation-Los Angeles (IHAD) is pleased to congratulate you on the successful completion of your second Los Angeles marathon on March 7, 2004. These 52.4 miles that you have now completed over the past two years are an accomplishment to be proud of. The fact that you chose to use these past two years as an opportunity to raise funds for the IHAD programs makes it all that much more momentous. We salute your generosity.

        IHAD is proud to recognize and honor you for the successful fundraising that your marathon experience provided. Randy your efforts raised a total of $1,728.58+ for the foundation in 2004. In total you have contributed over $2,900.00 in the last two years. IHAD requires financial support from people such as you to assist our Dreamers in overcoming life’s obstacles.

        The ‘I HAVE A DREAM’ Foundation-Los Angeles thanks you for your profound commitment and support.

        Nikki Carelli
        Project Coordinator
        ‘I HAVE A DREAM’ Foundation-Los Angeles

        More details at http://rcstories.weebly.com

  18. randy says:

    See Randolph Camp’s Professional Profile at https://www.amazon.com/author/randolphcamp

  19. randy says:

    Go to https://www.amazon.com/author/randolphcamp to view Randy’s Professional Profile.

  20. randy says:

    Randolph Camp graduated from Spotsylvania Senior High School on June 15, 1979. Randy was an Honor Graduate, graduating 50th of a total class of 380. His GPA was 3.13 Randy is quoted in sayng that his SPEECH-DRAMA class was his favorite class of his high school years.

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