Our Vulnerable Youth


Randolph Randy Camp at WBFO Radio with Reporter Eileen Buckley.

Unfortunately, human trafficking has become a rising social issue in America. And sadly, after natural disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey, which devastated the Houston area, there’s a predictable spike in human trafficking due to the high number of displaced and extremely vulnerable people, especially people who were already living in poverty.

The number of homeless youth in America is already on the rise, and natural disasters will certainly attract those shady individuals, including pimps and hustlers, who prey upon these desperate, vulnerable young people.

Supporting and getting involved with helping agencies in any capacity is always appreciated. Becoming more aware and spreading the word about Youth Homelessness and Human Trafficking are helpful as well. Thank you. – Randolph Randy Camp

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Reflections: Sunday Afternoons


I grew up approximately fifty miles in between Washington, DC and Richmond, Virginia in rural Spotsylvania County. America, during the 60’s and early 70’s was experiencing civil unrest and heated racial tensions. Remarkably, in spite of America’s strife during those turbulent years, our Grandparents were able to let us see the sunshine, regardless of the darkness around us. Here’s my childhood reflections on our Sunday afternoons:

There were chickens picking at the red bologna strings in the yard and a whole lot of love on the porch every Sunday afternoon at Ruff n’ Ma’Rie’s. There was an old, rust-spotted Ford sitting in the yard that I’ve never seen moved, not even once, but on Sundays, if you believed the wild stories from Uncle Carl’s and Scootie’s mouths, they had you thinking that that ol’ Ford had them running 208 and the back roads from Spotsy to Fredericksburg just last night! Man, on Sundays you could hear some wild stories.

Yep, on Sunday afternoons, all of my uncles, aunts, and cousins would gather up at Ruff n’ Ma’Rie’s. We all came from them. I never got a chance to thank my beloved Grandparents for what they’ve given us.

Thank you Ruff n’ Ma’Rie for giving us Maitland, who’d left us too soon but gave us the legacy of music and gold with Brenda, Francis, Snookum, Kenny, Jimmy James and Lonnie. Thank you Ma’Rie n’ Ruff for giving us sweet Josephine, better known to us as “Phine”, and let’s not forget your precious gifts of Uncle Roosevelt, Uncle Carl, Uncle Scootie, Aunt Edith Mae, Aunt Ruth Edna, and Aunt ‘Margret’rie’. And I, of course, wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my Mother, Lorene, who was another piece of gold from your Brook’s tree.

Yes indeed, we all came from you two. So, thank you again Ma’Rie n’ Ruff for those precious Sunday afternoons and for everything you’ve done for us ‘cause we are who we are now, in 2017, because of you and our golden roots. And we’re forever grateful that we all came from you two. Yep, thank you Ruff n’ Ma’Rie for the big juicy strawberries down the hill and all of ‘em wonderful stories and love on the porch.

No matter what you and your family are going through at this time, I hope that you’re able to let some sunshine in, regardless of the dark clouds that maybe lingering above. – Randolph Randy Camp

(photo: Randolph Camp, actual school ID card from 1970’s)

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Wet Matches: One Shot

Wet Matches Randy Camp

Thank you to all of my readers, followers and everyone else who’ve been so supportive of me and my work. This ol’ country boy from the backwoods of Spotsylvania County, Virginia is honored and forever grateful to you all. I’m truly blessed and I take nothing for granted. Here’s an update on the film adaptation of ‘Wet Matches: A Novel’

We’re still in the early stages of pre-production. It’s a long process going from script to screen. Because this independent movie project won’t have the financial backing of a big name Hollywood studio, securing the funds for production will be a challenge for the producer. Crowd funding, such as Kickstarter, have been discussed and is still a viable option.

Also, there have been a couple of suggested titles for this film. Possible working titles so far includes ‘Wet Matches: The Journey’, and most recently, ‘Wet Matches: One Shot’. All titles fit the storyline of novel, but no final decision has been made yet.

As a writer, this whole process is already a dream come true. I hope that each one of you have something to shine about in your life, and may your goals and dreams are realized as well. – Randolph Randy Camp

*(photo: Indie Film Producer Rachel Rand with writer Randy Camp)

More at https://www.amazon.com/author/randolphcamp


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Go Far


I don’t know how many times I had the door slammed in my face. And early on, receiving rejection letters became the norm. Don’t let others define you. Don’t let your day job define you. If I’d let the rejection letters slow me down and stop knocking on doors, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now writing this piece to encourage you to go as far as you can and don’t let anyone or anything stop you. – Randolph Randy Camp

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No Checkbook Required

Randolph Randy Camp

If you’re a waitress, plumber, cashier, reporter, journalist, delivery driver, mechanic, factory worker, farmer, lab tech, teacher, ect. you’re impacting lives every day. Keep doing what you’re doing. You don’t need to be famous or wealthy to help somebody. I’ve never been on the New York Bestsellers List, but my joy and wealth comes from my conversations with engaging students during our classroom book talks. Helping someone doesn’t always involve money. Inspiring someone, igniting the spark in others to better themselves is one of the greatest gifts you can give….no checkbook required. – Randolph Randy Camp

More at https://www.amazon.com/author/randolphcamp

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Skyline Lessons


It’s getting increasingly harder every day to maintain a positive attitude and outlook, especially when your daily newsfeed is filled with negativity and hints of outright hatred. At times, the stuff in the news can make you sick to your stomach. It’s certainly not an easy task, but try not to let anyone or anything shade your world. Always remember that thunderstorms are temporary.

Growing up during the 60’s and early 70’s in rural Virginia made it difficult to keep a sunny outlook, especially for people of color living in a society that tried to make you feel inferior or secondary.

When I was a little boy I had a revelation during a school field trip. One of my most memorable field trips was when I was at Robert E. Lee Elementary and our class went to the beautiful Luray Caverns, approximately an hour or so drive from Charlottesville, Virginia. If any of you have never been through this part of Virginia, I strongly urge you to put it on your ‘to do’ list. Traveling through Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains is priceless, simply heaven on earth. As a little country boy I was awestruck as I couldn’t stop looking out the window as our chartered bus made its way along the scenic Skyline Drive through the mountains to the Luray Caverns.

As long as I can remember, I’d always been a nerd and had a crazy thirst for knowledge. Regardless of where I was at and whenever I had a chance, I would read newspapers and various magazines in waiting rooms, ect. About a week prior to our school field trip to the Luray Caverns, I had read an article in a magazine about the Emmett Till murder. This was the early 70’s, and this particular article touched upon the approaching twenty-year anniversary of this American tragedy that was one of the sparks which ignited the Civil Rights Movement. Reading this piece as a little boy of color, the article sadden me greatly.

My thoughts and outlook slowly began to change. I kept asking myself how could people be so cruel to one another. Then, about a week later, the very moment our class and a big group of other tourists stepped into the enormous Luray Caverns and was surrounded by the gigantic stalactites and majestic stalagmites, my little kid mind instantly thought how equally tiny we all were in this massive, magnificent cave.

From that moment on, every time I heard or read about a group or someone trying to belittle someone else in an effort to make themselves feel superior, I wish that they could take a trip to the Luray Caverns, step inside, and see how, in the big scheme of things, how we, as human beings, are so very equally small, and that no one is bigger or better than anyone else.

As I grew older, I always try to check out the local natural wonders in my area as a reminder to myself that I, too, am very tiny in the big scheme of things and that I am no better than anyone else.  – Randolph Randy Camp

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Hazel Hill Morning


After I bought my first car, a ’72 Pinto, I loved the freedom of going to Fredericksburg whenever I could. Don’t get me wrong, growing up in rural Spotsylvania County in the 70’s had its benefits, but going into town was a big deal back then, especially for this young Virginia country boy. Two of my aunts, Edith Mae and Ruth Edna, had moved into the Hazel Hill Apartments in Fredericksburg, and it was such a treat for me to visit them when I wasn’t in school or was off work, usually on Saturday mornings.

Back then, as a somewhat nerdy schoolboy with big dreams, I was fascinated with getting away for awhile, going to Hazel Hill and then later going to the city park where I would sit alone by the Rappahannock River and write down some of my deepest thoughts. Today, in the middle of April 2017, I still find myself blushing whenever I see my book ‘Wet Matches’, knowing that it had its origin as a simple song lyric way back in 1978 and was conceived on that one particular Hazel Hill morning. – Randolph Randy Camp

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