‘Tis the Season, No Degree Necessary

Randolph Randy Camp RC

Feeling unsafe, uncomfortable and unwanted, especially in your own home, is a terrible feeling. Secretly, many kids have been planning to run away all winter long. As the weather gets better there’s always a spike in runaways, regardless of where you live…’tis the season.

You don’t need some stamped certificate or a fancy degree to help someone, all you need is a heart. Sometimes, youth shelters, soup kitchens, and drop-in centers are overwhelmed and any little support from you would be greatly appreciated. We don’t have to save everyone at once. Doing simple things like dropping off toiletries or feminine hygiene products to your local teen drop-in center are a tremendous relief to any financially-strapped community organization in your area.

During the upcoming summer months, all across the nation, more pimps, hustlers and drug dealers all come out to prey on these new ‘fresh strawberries’ on our city streets, at busy truck stops and seedy motels. Let’s all pinch in and do whatever little we can to help out. Let’s try to reach these vulnerable kids before the fast-tongue pimps, hustlers and drug dealers do because…’tis the season, no degree necessary. – Randolph Randy Camp

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Climbing: Having Human Agency

Writer Randolph Randy Camp

Just because you may have been born in a run-down trailer park or a desolate housing project doesn’t mean that you have to stay there forever. Navigating yourself towards betterment is certainly a challenge, especially when the odds are already stacked against you.

I’m slowly closing in on 60 years and I’d made plenty of stupid mistakes. But, in time and over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two. Making pro-active decisions and honing your networking and social skills will greatly increase your chances of climbing out of the well. Reading, having a curious mind, and not being afraid to ask questions are all great tools to help you up the ladder.

Some years ago I made a promise to myself that I would increase my vocabulary by making a serious effort to learn at least one new word or term every week or so. By far, this strategy has been one of my greatest instruments in my toolbox. On any given day I could be having a business conversation with an executive at some prestigious publishing house, and a few hours later I could be carrying on an engaging conversation with a homeless person in the city park. Being able to shift and navigate through different waters has greatly helped me, especially as a writer and a youth advocate.

Of all the words and interesting terms that’s become part of my ever-growing vocabulary over the years, the term ‘human agency’ is, hands down, the one that still fascinates me.

How well you shift and navigate yourself through various channels is your human agency, and increasing this ability to shift and navigate on your journey upward could be the key to your climb. – Randolph Randy Camp

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Your World Too

Writer Randolph Randy Camp

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and Birthday Wishes. I take nothing for granted. When I was very young I didn’t even know what it meant to have indoor plumbing or running water. I’ll never forget my humbled beginnings and the backwoods of Spotsylvania County where my dreams were shaped. As a child I used to sit on the bank of the Rappahannock River, watch the water flow and daydream about becoming a writer one day.

Today I’m so blessed and grateful. I truly appreciate every one of you. Regardless of your beginnings, regardless of whatever, don’t let anyone or anything stop you. Whatever limitations or labels others have placed upon you it’s your own description of yourself that matters most. Always remember that you’re uniquely special, valuable and that this is your world too. – Randolph Randy Camp

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12 Eggs


The government shutdown here in America has been going on for over a month now, and a lot of hardworking, good people are hurting financially and struggling to feed their families.

I’m blessed with readers and fans from around the world, and several of them (from overseas) have messaged me recently, expressing how they’re so puzzled that such a developed, prosperous nation as America could allow workers to work without pay while they simultaneously struggle to put food on the table for their kids.

This government shutdown and the emails I’ve received over the past week have triggered my memory bank to the early 70’s when I was a young boy growing up in rural Spotsylvania County, Virginia. For a lot of African-American families in the Southern states there were some good times and, without a doubt, there were certainly plenty of hard times during these years. When times were good, maybe our father would treat the family with a KFC bucket or maybe burgers from Hardees. But, on the other hand, when times were tough, sometimes I went to bed hungry.

One of my fondest childhood memories and one of my greatest life lessons came one evening, in the early 70’s, when our gracious neighbor, Mrs. Peggy Tyler, gave our family a dozen eggs when we didn’t have any food at home. Needless to say, that scrambled egg-dinner our mother had cooked was one of the best dinners I’d ever had, and it’s forever etched in my memory.

From that one simple act of Peggy’s kindness, I’d learned a very valuable lesson that day. I don’t think that you necessarily have to grow up poor to understand what it’s like to be in need, but when you can empathize with those in need, you become a better person and a better human being in general. Who knows, maybe some better decisions could come out of Washington, DC if those in power could empathize more.

As this government shutdown lingers on, I think that I’ll put my own childhood lessons to good use today by going through my kitchen cabinets to see what non-perishable can goods I can donate to the nearest soup kitchen in my area.

Yes indeed, I’m a work-in-progress, still trying to become a better person, and I’ll always be forever grateful for all of my childhood life lessons and, of course, for Peggy Tyler’s humbled blessing of those 12 eggs.  – Randolph Randy Camp

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Just Believe

Randolph Randy Camp RC

‘JUST BELIEVE’….When I was in elementary school I remember telling my classmates on the playground about the wild dreams I would have and they would just make fun of me and called me crazy. I learned that people are quick to call you crazy when they don’t understand you. People are quick to belittle and ridicule you when they are jealous or envious of you. As I got older I remember one of my teachers encouraging me to write down my wild dreams, and would tell me not to let anyone discourage me and just believe in myself. – Randolph Randy Camp
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The Picture Frame


Writer Randolph Randy Camp Writer Randolph Randy Camp

Who we choose to walk with in life has a big impact on who we are and who we may become. When I was coming up in rural Spotsylvania County, Virginia, one of my uncles went to prison for something that I honestly don’t remember, but what I do remember about my uncle is that, while he was behind bars, he meticulously made these beautiful picture frames from wooden matchsticks. Our uncle sent his handmade picture frames to certain relatives while serving his time, and I remember, as a child, being fascinated by the glossy shellac finish and the contrasting colors of the half-burnt matchsticks every time I walked by the multi-picture frame in our living room.

I often meet people who tells me that they feel somewhat ashamed of things in which they’ve done in their past, or that they may have people in their…

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Your Neighbor’s Name

Class Book Talk Randy Camp

I love being invited to classrooms and speaking to students. Our book talk discussions can get pretty deep sometimes, and often jumps off-topic into the students’ personal lives.

Current news events, such as the recent bomb scare, and race relations in America are usual topics discussed during these meet-the-author sessions. I often learn a lot from these bright young minds, and I’m always honored when the students ask me for advise or my opinion about certain things.

Recently, after reading my novel ’29 Dimes’ as a class assignment, which has the undertone of race relations, several students wanted to know my thoughts on how America could improve its race relations. I told the students that I love this particular question because my response is always the same, which is, “Just simply get to know your neighbors, get to know your neighbor’s name.”

Too often, we only describe our neighbors as “the lady who drives the red car”, “the old man with the blue pickup”, “the family up the street with the mixed kid”, etc.

I further explain to the class that getting to know one another strengthens you and strengthens your neighborhood, your community, etc. (We tend to make bad and wrong assumptions about people when we don’t even make an effort to know them.)

By the way, my neighbors are Donna, Mike, Dennis, and Larry. Have a great day Everyone. – Randolph Randy Camp

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