Shine Your Light Brightly


There’s a special light that shines deep inside of each one us. Some of you have been blessed with more than one shining light. Some of us spend almost our entire lifetime trying to find or figure out what exactly is our special light.

I firmly believe that we each have a special gift or talent, and once we discover it and begin to share it with others, it’s then, at that moment, when we are blessed with true inner happiness and peace of mind.

Whether you have a gift of gab, singing, dancing, writing, acting, cooking, sewing, designing, farming, teaching or preaching, please share it with the rest of us and shine your light brightly! – Randolph Randy Camp

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Grateful For The Little Things


Author Randolph Randy Camp

Being Grateful…

How often do we complain about minuscule stuff? My morning started off just like any other morning. Hardly anything was going right, and the complaints quickly began to pile up. I woke up to a nagging knee pain, and then, later, I had to go back inside to put on a thicker shirt because it was a bit chillier than normal this morning. By now, I was running late for an important meeting so I reluctantly skipped my routine visit to the coffee shop…and then, it hit me. It was at this very moment when my ‘wiser self’ reminded me of the morning, several years ago, when I was working at the Buffalo Veterans Hospital.
As usual, my mornings at the Veterans Hospital started off with me going down to the cafeteria to get my large cup of coffee. This one particular morning would be permanently engrained in my memory because I was in a hurry and I didn’t do my typical ‘sip-test’ after I’d hastily mixed in a little cream and sugar.
When I got into the elevator to return to my work station on the ninth floor, I had a chance to take a test-sip of my coffee and it was just plain awful! Needless to say, I let out a profound ‘f-bomb’ as the others in the elevator turned their heads to me. When we finally reached the ninth floor, the elevator door opened and a wheel-chaired double-amputee cheerfully greeted us with, “Good morning, ladies n’ gents!” as he wheeled himself into the elevator. After seeing this man with no legs, I immediately felt ashamed at myself for complaining about the taste of my coffee.
No, today I’m certainly not perfect and I still sometimes complain about life’s minuscule things. I wish that my ‘wiser self’ would pop up more often to remind me that I truly have nothing really to complain about.
Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! – Randolph Randy Camp
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Video Bio: Writer Randolph Randy Camp

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Reaching Out


I was very relieved that several of my fans and followers from France responded back to me and informed me that they were safe and okay after yesterday’s terrorist attack in Paris.

I strongly believe that there are far more positive people in this world than there are negative ones. Trying to maintain composure and staying positive amid negativity and chaotic events certainly isn’t an easy task so I commend all of you who are always reaching out to others in your own special quiet way trying to make this world of ours a more peaceful and safer place. – Randolph Randy Camp

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Writer Randolph Randy Camp at 2015 Midwest Comic Con

Author Randolph Randy Camp with DC Comics character Harley Quinn at the 2015 Midwest Comic Con in Des Moines, November 8, 2015.

Author Randolph Randy Camp with DC Comics character Harley Quinn at the 2015 Midwest Comic Con in Des Moines, November 8, 2015.

Writer Randolph Randy Camp having fun with DC Comics character Harley Quinn at the 2015 Midwest Comic Con in Des Moines, Iowa.

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Amazing Youth: Bright Future


Sometimes, I don’t think that our young people get enough credit for their good deeds and positive vibes in which they put out every day. Similar to the adult world, the criminal and negative activity conducted by a small percentage of our young people will get publicized but it’s very rare that the countless good deeds of the majority will get any attention at all.

Whenever I’m in the company of young people not only do I love hearing about what they are currently doing, but I also love to listen to their thoughts, ideas, and dreams about their future. It’s easy to get the wrong impression about some of today’s youth, especially when you enter a fast-food restaurant and the teen behind the counter greets you as if you’d just interrupted his or her break and everything mentioned about providing good customer service during their orientation went straight out the window after their first week on the job. And of course, not all teenagers act this way. Personally, I try to look pass these few young individuals who, unfortunately, give teenagers a bad reputation.

The open discussions I have during and after a classroom book talk session with students are some of the most engaging and intriguing discussions I’ve ever heard. The questions, comments, and opinions of some of these young people just blows my mind, and any reservations or doubts I might have had about our youth running the country in the future quickly dissipates after listening to the students intelligently articulate and express themselves on a wide range of subjects, including sex, politics, fashion trends, gun control, and race relations. What I enjoy most during my school book talks is how the students typically would freely say things that most people would only feel comfortable saying at the kitchen table or privately among their close friends or family members. In my personal opinion, I think that we need more of these open discussions in America so that we can improve our race relations and the basic way we treat each other here in America (and around the world.)

Yes indeed, I have tremendous faith in our amazing youth, and I truly believe that we have a very bright future ahead. – Randolph Randy Camp

*(photo: Author Randolph Randy Camp (center) standing amid high school students after a meet-the-author/book talk discussion.)

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A Janitor’s Dream


Regardless of what job you’re currently doing to pay your bills, support your family and yourself, always make sure that you’re also taking some time to nurture and cater to your own personal dreams and goals as well. Every day, in some form or another, we work and do things to make other people rich or happy, especially those who work within the service industry. What are you doing to make yourself happy?

Every day, we devote approximately eight hours toward someone else’s business or dream, indirectly making their dream a reality. How many hours (or minutes) per day are you devoting to your own dreams or goals?

Don’t let your day job define you. I understand that you must clean the toilets or bus the tables in order to pay the rent, but don’t let the designer in you, the artist in you, the executive in you, the inventor in you, or the store owner in you wither away or tire you out due to your devotion to someone else’s dream. Be the person you want to be. Define yourself! Empower yourself!

In my own personal life, I’ve cleaned many toilets, and I’ve been on various factory floors working on the assembly line. However, while I was cleaning the toilets or mindlessly checking the parts and products as they traveled along the conveyor belt, in my head I was simultaneously working out my characters’ dialogue for my manuscript, which I tirelessly typed up in the wee hours of the night, sometimes two or three pages on a good night.

No, everyone doesn’t know my name, but this janitor’s dream has come true. Today, I’m so very grateful to all of my fans, followers, and readers from around the world who have bought my books, read my articles, and recently made ‘False Dandelions’ one of my bestselling novels. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all. – Randolph Randy Camp

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